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Terita St. Julian

Terita St. Julian is a wife and a mother who devoted her life to God, heeding his profound call on her life to begin writing biblical journals. As she started her new life, her eyes were opened to the supernatural miracles that God was creating around her, and Training Your Children to Remain in the Vine shares what she and her family has learned from experiencing God’s blessings and miracles.Terita and her husband, Nolan (aka Saint), are thankful for the gift of salvation and for the ability to love God, to love others, and to help others get to know Christ on a deeper level.

Parenting Course: Raising Godly Children

We are living in a difficult period. Sin is all around us, and sinful ways are rapidly becoming more accepted. Often due to aggressive social pressures, Christians are slowly adapting to worldly ways of thinking. But how will our children be able to handle the challenges ahead of them if many of our godly principles are being denied in society?

Aleesa St. Julian

Aleesa St. Julian was blessed with the ability to read by the time she was one. Following an encounter with a special man, she began writing her first book, The Day I Met Walt, at the age of four. She published her second book, The Day Walt Met Me at the age of nine. She has already experienced many faith-building moments in her life, which leads her to believe that we should trust God even when things don’t always happen the way we desire. She loves God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, family, friends, you, and dessert. When she gets to heaven, she believes her first question to God will be “Can I have your dessert?”

Her wish on earth is that the whole world would know how much Jesus loves them!

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The Day I Met Walt


Aleesa St. Julian hopes that children will understand how much JESUS loves them and will ask Him how to use their talents to spread love through her book The Day I Met Walt.


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The Day Walt Met Me

The Day Walt Met Me is the sequel to The Day I Met Walt and is based on a true story about a little girl and a friend brought together by GOD to demonstrate His love and remarkable grace.

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